History of Llanddarog Hall 1946 – 2022

The first committee to discuss the possibility of having a Hall at Llanddarog was held on 26th February 1946 at the school and Mr Danny Thomas, the schoolmaster, was elected Chairman of the Committee. On 22nd March a meeting was held at the Vestry in Bethlehem Chapel, Porthyrhyd whereby it was decided to build a new Hall. On the 29th March 1946 a public meeting was held at the School to select officers namely Mr Danny Thomas, headmaster at the school, as Chairman, Mr William Evans, Delfryn as Secretary and Mr Trefor Rees, Llethr Lodge as Treasurer. At this meeting it was also decided to ask Mr John Phillips, Cardiff, formerly of Penllwynio and Bryngwendraeth about purchasing the field, which was Cae Ffair as it was known at the time. On the 12th April 1946 Mr Phillips advised that he was donating the field to the Committee.

Many discussions were had about the type of Hall that was required and several fundraising events were held including sports, an eisteddfod, concerts, plays and an end of war party held in marquees with admission prices between 2 and 4 shillings but half price for children and members of the Armed Forces who were attending in their official uniform. A collection was also made in the area with £514-15-11 being raised and by the end of 1946 a total of £678-19-01 was in the bank.

At a meeting on the 12th of April 1947 the National Council for Social Services advised that building materials were very scarce and that it would be impossible to build a hall for the next four to five years.  The Government were keen for areas to be regenerated after the war with former army buildings being sold.  These buildings were designated as “Hut 24” where the number 24 stated the width, and any length was possible with bays being 6 feet each. During a meeting held on 9th May 1947 a temporary building 72 by 24 feet was proposed for at a rate of £13 a year.

In 1949 several meetings were held between Carmarthen District Council, The Planning Committee and the Ministry of Transport and a Public Inquiry but unfortunately the planning application to build the hall at Cae’r Ffair was refused due to the entrance from the main road. Other sites looked at for building the hall included off Penllwynio Road, west of Cwmisfael Road and at Cae Person. During the meeting held on 21st March 1951 Mr Thomas Williams, Tynewydd, offered a piece of the land, where the present hall stands, for £300.

By this time the building ban had been lifted and a price of £3,142 was given for a new building but this was too expensive and the offer of hiring a temporary building for £13 a year was taken up with the National Council transporting a concrete framework  from the south of England and local firm James Rees, Pontantwn completing the building work. Grants were obtained to furnish the building which officially opened on 5th May 1954 in a ceremony under the leadership of committee chair Mr D W Lewis and the president of Carmarthenshire Community Council, Sir Grismond Phillips. 

Rental of the building ended on the 11th of November 1962, and it was purchased for £400. Several improvements have been made since then including a kitchen and committee room, and solar panels were installed in 20 10 which has provided additional income for the hall.

The field which was donated to the committee in 1946 was rented to local farmers until it was sold in 2019.